Programmed lack ferocity 21-11-2017

Very good day.

During the day Tuesday 21 a programmed lack ferocity of our servers would be realised, that involves the MySQL service. This lack ferocity requires that the MySQL motor of our servers is reinitiated. If you have a website that only uses MySQL (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, etc) its site side affected by a brief moment, while upgrade and the resumption are realised.

We requested excuses to them by any disadvantage that this can cause to them, but we realised it as part of our plan of continuous improvement and by its security.

It does not doubt in contacting to us in case of any consultation. You can always ask us about web hosting with unlimited storage if you are interested in it. But, do remember that we are also offering you cheap vps server hosting that is very helpful. A lot of people have been using our cheap managed vps hosting and they are very satisfied. Or, you can also try to use the affordable dedicated server that is not only exclusive for your server but also affordable.

Thank you very much. Good day.

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