To fight diverse and well-known problems of security in its installation of WordPress with plugin iThemes Security

The websites are known not by their problems of security, but because to the hackers it enchants to them to attack them.

And if these do not have the necessary security can accede, or “hackerarlos” and until causing that its account of hosting is hung temporarily.

One of the methods to avoid several types of attacks and at the same time to make automated constant endorsements of its data base is incredible plugin “iThemes Security (before known as Better WP Security)”.

This plugin DOES NOT HAVE to lack in any wordpress that boasts of so. And here we will teach to them as forming it correctly so that it works altogether perfect with its account of hosting in ThaiLinuxCafe

After to follow these steps, and the other recommendations that we give you in, you will be able to relax and of life to enjoy calmly, knowing that your sites of wordpress estan safe and updated.

We begin!

1. - Plugin installs

2. - Siguienes steps soon…

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