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Google Chrome is one of the used navigators more in the world. And from Julio of the 2018, this giant will penalize to the websites that do not have a certificate SSL. Not only it will mark them as “nonsafe” but also hardly they appear in the first results search, directly affecting the SEO of his website.

What is a certificate of security SSL?

A certificate SSL serves to offer security to the visitor of its webpage, a way to tell them to its clients who the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal data. Abbreviations SSL respond to the terms in English (Secure Socket Layer), which are a security protocol that causes that their data travel of complete and safe way, that is to say, the transmission of the data between a servant and user Web, and in feedback, totally is based or encriptada. The one that the data travel codings, we talked about to that mathematical algorithms and a system of keys are used that are only identified between the person that sail and the servant. When having a reliable certificate SSL, our data are encriptados, then we can assure that nobody can read its content. All this takes to understand to us that the technology that offers a certificate SSL is the safe transmission of information through Internet, and thus to confirm that the data are free of people nonwished. (ref:

I do not have a certificate SSL. What I can do?

In ServidoresHosting we know that this is very important, and we worried about its security and privacy. It is by that we put at the disposal of all our clients a new service: Acquisition, configuration and installation of a certificate SSL in its website by $25,000 only annual $19,990 annual ones (valid Promotion of Julio to December of the 2018)

And… from where come does a certificate SSL?

A great number of security companies exists that give certificates SSL. The majority of certificates has very high costs, following their functionality.

It is for that reason that we have realised an alliance with RapidSSL, and thus to be able to offer certificates to them SLL for validation of economic domains, and we have enabled personnel to realise the installation and configuration of its new certificate in thing of hours.

The RapidSSL certificates of domain validation are managed quickly by our equipment. With you will be able to have in thing of hours a safe website. It is the form fastest and economic to protect your website.

Some RapidSSL clients:

He remembers…

If it has some consultation or it needs attendance does not doubt in contacting us via support chat, creating a ticket from its profile of client or to write us to our e-mail.

It does not forget it: Certificate of economic security SSL by $19,990 only Annual here, only in Servers Hosting!

It remembers that in any case our plans of hosting count on AutoSSL, a functionality of cPanel that gives gratuitous SSL.
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