Policy of Privacy

Fulfilling the an Laws to the date, into Protection of Personal ThaiLinuxCafe, Character data it informs that the data facilitated through our webpage by means of the corresponding forms of contact, registry, and e-mails received and that has the consideration of personal character data, they will be incorporated to files whose responsibility corresponds to ThaiLinuxCafe, for the purposes of being able to manage the asked for services, answering its request and/or to transact its request.

These files are protected in the servant and data base. The users guarantee and respond, in any case, of the veracity, to exactitude, use, authenticity, relevance and nonexcesividad of the provided Personal Data, and they are committed to maintain properly updated them if he corresponds.

In those cases where to realise a request it is necessary to compliment a form and to make a “click” in the button send, the accomplishment of the same will imply necessarily that it has been informed and it has granted specifically his consent to the content of the annexed clause to this form or acceptance of the privacy policy.

If You have any question on our Policy of Privacy, or if it would like to make any suggestion or recommendation, please go through the following email address: [email protected]

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