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Please it reads carefully the conditions of the service of Web Hosting.

Between SERVIDORESHOSTING.CL, domiciled for these effects in Santiago de , in future SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE, and the Client, has been agreed the following contract of benefit of services:

FIRST: The Client agrees upon contracting with SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE the service of Web Hosting, which will allow to tell him on a space in the servers of SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE. The servant could be visited by the users of the Internet network.

SECONDLY: It will not be responsibility of SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE, the following conditions registered in or regulators:

  • Domain exists.
  • Publication domain.
  • Domain in Proceeding.

In the event that the asked for Domain is rejected by regulator, the Client will have to indicate the name of the new Domain To register.

THIRD PARTY: SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE person in charge does not become before the following events:

  • You cut of the Electrical provision, brought about by the Companies of Electricity or Third parties.
  • Earthquakes, that they prevent to give an optimal or complete service.
  • Floods that they prevent to give an optimal and complete service.
  • Fires or Wrecks in our dependencies, other people's to our responsibility.
  • You cut of National and/or International Connections, provided by Companies suppliers of Internet or ISP's.
  • Any Natural catastrophe that they prevent to give an optimal and complete service.
  • Badly use of the access accounts.
  • Delay or error of the Client in the change of DNS in the Registrant that corresponds for the correct activation of the service on the part of SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE.
  • Delay in the World-wide propagation of the DNS, on the part of different the Registrant national and international or the Company previously contracted by the Client (old supplier on watch of Hosting).
  • Robberies in our facilities.
  • Robberies in facilities of the client.
  • Problems derived from the evil use of the information on the part of previous supplier of services of Hosting or development, in case of existing.

SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE create endorsements of security weekly, but in addition the Clients MUST have an endorsement of all the information who maintain in our servers.

QUARTER: SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE commit themselves before any event different from the detailed one in the previous point (THIRD PARTY), to serve optimal and stable, as well as in a term nonsuperior to 48 hours to give to solution to the misfortunes or problems that are of our responsibility. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE guarantee a rate of connectivity Online (Uptime Server) of Monthly 99%. If it considers that of some form superior has been affected by some “downtime” monthly 1% please notary publics to [email protected] to review its case.

FIFTH: SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE some by the content and the information will not have responsibility that the Client lodges in our servers. Despite the previous thing, SERVIDORESHOSTINGCHILE will be able at any time to put term to the service and present contract, if, in his opinion or by warrant, the information lodged by the Client in our servers attempts against the effective law in , the moral and moral convention, or affects or reduces third people.

SIXTH: SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE constantly monitor the correct use of the network and our connections. It is by that COMPLETELY the shipment of not asked for massive post office IS PROHIBITED (SPAM). He is by that the Client commits himself not to saturate the servant with no type of program that attempts against the yield of software, hardware, services or connectivity of our servers, including the shipment of massive post office not solicitd (SPAM) or publicity via Email. One of our Sysadmin has the faculty TO SUSPEND Cuenta or Plan de Hosting contracted by a nonsmaller period automatically 48horas. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE it is released of any responsibility on the damage or damage that could generate this bad practice.

The clients who incur this behavior will have an informative mail, and the pertinent measures for the elimination would be taken and stops of sent of those emails. In case after the email of notification and restoration of the service the behavior persists, we reserved the right to right cancel and to finish to its account of hosting without previous warning nor to request of endorsement or return of the money cancelled by any concept involved or related in our service.  This to guarantee an excellent service to the rest of clients who respect these norms of use.

SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE lament deeply any disadvantage that this unscrupulous and hostile behavior can cause our visitors, clients and third parties to him. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE some by the prejudices does not have responsibility that the evil use of the service from its clients can cause.

On the other hand, the content lodging mp3, RealAudio, avi, wma, mkv or similars, and any other visual audio format that are protected by the laws of intellectual or similar property without previous authorization, or an or the International, authorizes SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE to suppress this content without previous warning. It is not allowed to the content lodging mp3, RealAudio, avi, wma, mkv or any other audio-visual format that are protected by the an or International laws of intellectual property, as well as either material pornographic that attempts or harms the national or international legislation, being SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE released of any responsibility and with the faculties to give this information to the institutions that guard by the fulfillment of these norms. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE will give all the information in case the Client harms this clause. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE   it is committed not to install programs or additional bookstores, if in his opinion, harm the yield of software, hardware, services or connectivity of our servers.

  • Strictly the shipment of Spam (Not wished Massive Mail) in anyone of its forms is prohibited.
  • Strictly the lodging of material protected by the an or International laws of intellectual property is prohibited.
  • Shipment of massive mail through the Servers via smtp in anyone of its forms.
  • To use the servers to store posters of Publicity Spam.

If one detects any Client carrying out the practices previously mentioned one of our Sysadmin will suspend the service without right to restoration of cancelled money. In addition Client risks to fines of SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE, that can arrive at the $10.000.000 following the gravity and the damage that these practices can cause, in addition to the fines and sentences that the legislation that corresponds verdict.
Next examples of the type of material or services nonaccepted in anyone of our plans or servers:

  • Topsites
  • Scripts/Bots IRC
  • Scripts de/para Proxy/Anonimizadores
  • Pirate Software/Warez
  • Image Hosting/Image Scripts (similar to Photobucket, Tinypic or Tumblr)
  • AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites
  • Escáneres IP
  • Programs/Scripts/Bruteforce Applications
  • Bombers of Mail/Scripts Spam
  • Services Announcements – Banner (commercial rotation announcement of flags)
  • Scripts de Volcado/Mirror of archives (as rapidshare or similars)
  • Audio Streaming Commercial
  • Streaming video (They must be hosteados in external servers as Vimeo or Youtube)
  • Live Video Streaming (They must be reproduced of external services as Livestream or Ustream)
  • Obligations Bancarias/de Custodia
  • (HYIP) Programs of Interest of high performance or related sites
  • Sites of Investments (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Change of Are contiguous, Ponzi, MLM/Pyramid Scheme)
  • Sites of Impersonation of Personal or Corporative idendidad (Phishing)
  • The sale of any substance controlled without previous test of the corresponding permission (s)
  • Programs of banks of forward edge
  • Sites of Lotteries/Bets
  • Sites/Archives/Programs based or centered in Hackers
  • Sites that promote illegal activities
  • Forums and/or websites that they distribute or to connect illegal content/warez/pirates
  • Fraudulent sites (including, but not limited sites listed in aa419.org and escrow-fraud.com)
  • Applications/Script/sites/Programs for robbery or usurpation of emails/personal Data/confidential Data
  • Emission or Transmission of sport events live (UFC, NASCAR, the FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, etc) Protégés or not by author rights
  • Massive Gateways Anonymous or of SMS
  • Scripts for extraction of Bitcoins
  • Sites by day of payment of loans (including any site related to the loans by day of payment, pay day of loans programs affiliates, etc)

SEVENTH: The Client contract the service of Web Hosting and commits himself to pay to SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE by the contracted period the tariff defined according to the contracted plan. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE do not receive by the activation of the plans.

EIGHTH: The Client who contract the services of Hosting in SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE is the only person in charge of the account and data of access. Despite the previous thing, SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE are authorized to give total access of Cuenta to the Company that legally credits documents corresponding to this, in the case that the person that she contracts the services to SERVIDORESHOSTINGCHILE is an intermediary of the Company or Client at issue. SERVIDORESHOSTINGCHILE is authorized to suspend an account that presents conflicts of societies, being free of all responsibility until the contractual situation of the account of Hosting is clarified.

NINTH: SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE send with digital format via email the warning of collection with one week (7 days in excess) of advance. In the case of blackberry or simple retardation in the payment of the contracted service, SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE have the faculty and will suspend this service. The replacement of this will be realised once it is realised and verifies the payment of el/los amounts owed and/or pending by the Client. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE will not give any information lodged in our servers but the normalization is realised delo owed, or website, data bases, post office, or any information lodged in our servers. SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE will maintain all the information related to the account of the Client and the contracted Plan of complete form by a term of 30 days run in our servant. Fulfilled this term SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE he will have the faculty to eliminate the account and all the information lodged in the same, being released of any contractual responsibility and prejudice that this could cause.

TENTH: SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE will not realise returns of money outside the guarantee stipulated for each contracted plan, or to those clients who cancelled of form anticipated per periods superiors to a year, and which they wish to put to him I finish ahead of time to this contract at the end of the cancelled periods, or that has been finished incurring some of the points FIFTH, SIXTH, SEVENTH, EIGHTH or NINTH.

ELEVENTH: The Commercial conditions of the present service, could be modified by SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE when it considers it advisable, and these will be informed to each client via email. If the client does not accept the new commercial conditions of the present service, she will be able to put term to the same, communicating his intention to SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE in a term nonsuperior to one week (7 days in excess). Otherwise these by accepted by the Client will find out. Therefore it is responsibility of the client to be informed into the conditions of the service of Hosting that offers SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE. If these conditions are not accepted by the Client, and this decision is informed via any means, within the established term, SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE commit themselves to proportionally give back the cancelled amount that corresponds according to each plan and passed time, in addition to offering all the facilities so that the client has access to his information and can unload/to migrate what considers necessary.

TWELFTH: The present service will last defined and determined by the next date of victory of the contract. This contract and the contracted plan automatically are renewed unless the Client informs the opposite. The Client, when renewing his contract accepts the commercial conditions and values of services that are specified, according to the plan that corresponds, in the corporative Website of SERVANTS HOSTING CHILE (www.thailinuxcafe.com). In the case of not accepting the new commercial conditions of the contract or contracted plan, or by simple decision of the Client, the present service could be finished, communicating its intention in such sense to SERVIDORESHOSTINGCHILE, giving by also expired the present contract. Otherwise accepting by the client will be understood these.

Last update/revision: November 2014.


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