History of Servers Hosting.

From their creation in 2005, Servers Hosting are provided of hosting and lodging economic Web and quality to an increasing number of clients, maintaining the loyalty in a 100% of them throughout these years. Because our servers are physically in the United States, we can guarantee a quality and security that hardly will be able to find in .

We offer basic plans of hosting, resellers, special IP dedicated and plans for massive corporative shipments of emails or to newsletter. Our plans of Web hosting are ideal for people, nascent, freelance Web masters, social designers and, groups, SMEs and companies.

Each of our plans of hosting owns

  • Operabilidad online (Uptime) unique of guaranteed 99.99%.
  • Complete quality assurance by 30 days or we give back the totality to him of its money.
  • Support via live chat, e-mail, tickets of support and telephone, the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year.

Our Technology.

Thanks to the technology and infrastructure of our datacenter we can offer to our clients one of the better majors and networks to them of the world to harness our clients and thus to guarantee 99.99% of operabilidad online.

These datacenter (servers) of quality and world-wide class they have the last generation in optimization of the energy, security and cooling systems, as well as technology of end in superfluous HVAC, power feed, system of fire detection and to top it all monitored 24/7 by an ample network of operators enabled and technical certificates.

Security and Energy.

Our Datacenter is protected against hackers and attacks of DDoS (abuse UDP).

Our Datacenter with an extensive customized rule of firewall and long sets of rules mod_security that protect our servers. If we underwent great abuses, our servers and all our network are protected and assured against these abuses. All our Datacenter are facilities of high security with restricted access.

We have other methods of security and precautions, but they are confidential.

Know did you who a servant average produces the same emissions that a SUV?

Our Datacenter lodges very many websites in the servers of shared plans and to reseller. This means that a great amount of servers, and a great amount of carbon emissions. So we asked ourselves, What we can do for being part of the solution to the climate change? We take measures to diminish the environmental impact in the office, but even so they were not satisfied. Next, it passed to a 36% the most efficient servers, but they were still not satisfied!

All the servers of plans of hosting shared and to reseller are now energizados with 130% Aeolian energy!

Thus he is, the 130%!

That is to say, not only they are using clean energy to diminish the environmental impact, but also that he is reverting himself!

Our Datacenter has bought certificates of Credits of renewable Energy that represent the 130% of the used electricity to energizar and to cool until the last one of the servers of the shared plans and to reseller.

Among others, this contribution to the environment is equivalent a:

  • The extraction of 444 automobiles of the streets during a year, or
  • The feeding of 321 houses with clean energy during a year, or
  • Saving of 5,654 barrels of petroleum, wave protection of 51 hectares of forest during a year.

Advantages and Benefits

We are to partner of one of best the DataCenter and supplier of services of network of the world.

The service that offers our Datacenter is reliable, very stable, with a guarantee of insurmountable bandwidth and with hardware always in constant improvement, growth and update.

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