Plan of Limitless HostingHosting WordPress

  • Hosting Electronic Commerce from: $12,000 /mensual

    • 1 Domain
    • LIMITLESS capacity
    • LIMITLESS Monthly transference
    • LIMITLESS e-mails
    • Disk storage SSD (Until 20x faster than traditional discs)
    • Faster RAM modules (Of 4 to 10GB of RAM according to load balance)
    • Servant Optimized for greater rapidity (Apache)
    • Security Outpost (Mod security and processes Wordpress CleanUp)
    • Weekly endorsements
    • DEDICATED IP * (For a better positioning and major rapidity of load/Resolution of domain)
    • PRIVATE DNS ( and - For a better positioning)
    • Gratuitous migration (Between cPanel compatible)

    Additional characteristics:

    • Certificate of security SSL free
    • I scan of archives Daily (Daily Anti-virus)
    • cPanel for easy administration
    • Limitless accounts FTP
    • Cache of disc servant SSD
    • Network Cisco of 10GB of international speed with Optimization of speed

Table of Prices

  Monthly Quarterly Semester Annual Biennial Three-yearly
Discount:--- %5- %10- %15- %20
Final price:--$68.400$129.600$244.800$345.600
To contract

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